Namba Shrine / Osaka Castle 1/03

Namba shrine

Set off with my initial intention of heading towards Osaka Castle to spend most of my early morning/afternoon exploring the surroundings and garden. While heading towards the castle I split off to take a visit to the Namba Shrine.

The peaceful area surrounded by tall office blocks offers some lovely sites throughout. At around 9:30am when I went it was very quiet but passers by on their way to work would stop by and pray.

Minamimido Temple

Another stop on my way to the castle where more morning prayers were being held. Open to the public for most of day it’s a quick visit to make on the way to somewhere. You can go and burn incense within the temple and pray with instructions on how to if not able to read Japanese.

Kyoikoto Memorial Tower

The direct translation is “Educational Tower” it stands in memorial of those lost in the Muroto typhoon in 1934

Osaka Castle

The gardens surrounding the castle offer some great photos and really peaceful places to rest with a walkway going all the way around the castle.

The main Tenshu inside the grounds was as far as I was able to go due to the inside museum being closed due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. This however didn’t ruin the experience had at the landmark which is really prominent compared to the rest found within the grounds

After spending easily over 3 hours within the grounds exploring the different landmarks it was time to move on to the next area of interest which was to be the museum of history but unfortunately it was closed due to the same reason the castle museum was! Instead I decided head back to my hostel via a bakery and 7/11. The streets of this country will never stop amazing me


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