Shinsaibashi / Ebisu Bridge 1/03

Shinsaibashi is a very long shopping district which connects with the Ebisu Bridge which takes you across the river that travels through Osaka. The district remains steadily busy during the day but gets increasingly busier at night till about 10-11pm when the shops begin to close. After splitting off to the right or left of the Ebisu bridge is where you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of food outlets all with hustlers giving you better deals than the shop beside them if you come and eat at their restaurant. Some of them will repeatedly shout for your attention or use sounds or music to grab your attention.

After spending a couple of hours regaining my energy back at the hostel I decided it was time to explore the night life of Osaka! I had spent the night before having a early night due to airport travelling.

Ebisu Bridge

One of the main attractions of Osaka is the Ebisu bridge which connects various shopping districts gives amazing views along the river as well as in the square which it resides.

It was extremely busy on a Sunday night extending the time it was taking to get from one place to another! Almost As busy as princess street during Christmas time.

Again the streets of Osaka never fail to amaze me becoming so beautiful at night time. The illuminating lights in the street make it so amazing!

As seen below a street filled with many dining opportunities most covered with the Japanese curtain called Noren made everything feel so warm and homely.

A small close provided a beautiful photo opportunity one of many in the Osaka night life! It also offered a read into Japanese culture as you walked along it.

Another note to mention when travelling down up the road 26 alongside Ebisu bridge it’s where to look out for the big designer shops. Amazing buildings for every single store!


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