Umeda sky building / Pokemon Center 3/4 03

Coming into day 3 of my time in Osaka I found myself wanting to go to the Umeda sky building which is home to a beautiful observation deck at the top offering 360 degree views of Osaka!

After taking the elevator to the 39th floor you then take the diagonal elevator seen above at the top across to the lower viewing area which is home to a restaurant and information on the building.

After taking a walk around if you would like to go to the upper viewing platform which is the roof of the building you have to pay ¥1,500 yen. (roughly £10)

You can then see down onto the doughnut like shape of the building as well as off into the city of Osaka from every direction!

After that I decided to stop by the restaurant and see what they had to offer. One of the promotional items took my eye which was the Uji Macha Parfait which was definitely worth its price!

Travelling back down to the bottom Of the tower it has a connecting garden which had plenty of seats available to sit back and enjoy the surroundings! It was also a beautifully sunny day so made the experience even better.

After leaving I wanted to head to the Daimaru shopping Center which was close by. Mainly because it was home to a couple of interesting cultural shops such as the main Pokemon Center of Osaka. Unfortunately as I arrived it was closed with a familiar sign talking about the Coronavirus. Because of that I decided to take the long way back to my hostel exploring more of Osaka with a hour+ walk.

I then ended off the night visiting the shake shack in the shinsaibashi shopping area which I had been told was good!

Moving onto day four I had a long lie in as as the walking from the past 3 days was catching up. I went out to get some breakfast and discovered it was pouring down with rain and smartly enough I didn’t bring a rain jacket with me.

Unable to do a lot as it continued to rain into the night I quickly headed to the Daimaru shopping centre in shinsaibashi which to my luck was open. This is home to the smaller but still impressive Pokemon Center DX!

After that I headed back to get some more rest as I had a semi early start the following day as I was travelling to Hiroshima via bus. Overall my time in Osaka was great! Stayed for the right length of time just unfortunate that some of the places I wanted to go were closed!


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