Peace memorial park 05/06 03

Started off the 5th of March saying farewell to Osaka. Got a taxi up to the Umeda sky building complex where I was getting the bus from Osaka to Hiroshima using the willer express service. Right beside the bus terminal there is a cafe where you can rest and get some lunch before departing. I opted for the buffet upstairs (¥1000) where you can get coffee/juice/tea a various selection of Japanese mains and side dishes and a awesome selection of deserts!

The bus arrived 15 minutes before departure and left perfectly on time. I opted for the relax experience which was a extra ¥500 and you get the seat beside you as well! Adds a bit more privacy and a space to store your hand luggage.

The bus stopped a total of 4 times over the 6 hour journey all at rest stations which offered food vendors and a place to walk about and use the restroom if needed. Overall a good experience for a great price!

Starting off the 6th of March by heading to the peace memorial park which was located around 10 minutes from my hostel across a beautiful river.

The park was highly maintained and offered some great information for English readers on every exhibit. Unfortunately a lot of the places located around the park were closed such as peace memorial museum and the peace memorial hall limiting your visit to only the park

Still a beautiful place to visit! Plenty of rest stops to sit and relax in the sun which made up for the closing of areas.

A final place I visited was the atomic bomb dome. Was a pretty surreal experience as I’ve seen so many photos and posts about it but there it was in front of me!

To finish off the afternoon I headed around the shopping area in Hiroshima and stumbled across a arcade. Being the first one I visited I was amazed at the 6 floors of different games you could play. To no surprise the dominant games throughout the arcade were the rhythm games. Knowing this was what to expect as I’ve played a couple myself before coming it was amazing seeing it all in person. I managed to spend 2 hours in there for only (¥800) which is very generous compared to a UK arcade.

Another thing I noticed is that the locals are crazy good at the rhythm games, not a single person I saw playing them was bad!


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