Hiroshima castle ruins 8 03

After spending the 7th inside due to some torrential rain I headed up towards Hiroshima’s castle ruins on the morning of the 8th.

The castle was fully surrounded by a river which was home to some turtles that were out in the sun!

Going into the castle there was a couple of ponds actually higher up in the castle grounds which were home to some Japanese Carp! I’m unsure if it is koi or carp as the koi is domesticated version but later on in the blog might provide the answer

The castle ruins were very barren as there was only a couple of reconstructed buildings as the rest were destroyed during the bombing in 1945. Reconstructions took place in 1958

One of the main buildings that was reconstructed was the actual castle it’s self which is sometimes referred to as the Carp castle based on what the region was previously called. This would explain the carp surrounding the castle and in the castle grounds but one of the workers told me it was koi so who knows

Finishing off the day I headed out in the nightlife to see how it was in Hiroshima! Overall a lot quieter than Osaka but still some very unique things to see.


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