Fukuoka castle ruins / Fukuoka tower 11 03

After a final day of relaxing in Hiroshima then travelling on the 10th I arrived to be welcomed to some lovely rain! Using one of my first ever Japanese Uber which was very cheap and friendly I arrived at my next hostel. Having spent the night in due to rain and tiredness from travel I used that time to plan the 11th.

Having been told by one of the receptionists at the hostel that a lot of the attractions were closed in Fukuoka I had to replan some of the places I wanted to visit as nearly all the museums were closed in the city. Luckily the park grounds for the castle ruins were still open so I headed there in the morning!

The castle grounds were not at all what I expected! As I hadn’t looked at any photos prior I didn’t realise that the whole grounds was a ruin. I had expected maybe one or two reconstructed buildings including the main castle but the whole thing was just a park.

Still very much a beautiful sight to visit with a stunning view from the very top of the ruins. This is where it is suspected it was the location of the main turret of the castle once stood. (Seen above) There were foundations just underneath the main viewing platform which backs this.

Moving on from the park I stumbled across the gokoku jinja shrine which was located just across from my next destination which was ohri park.

I headed back to my next destination which was Ohori Park. This park is quite well known for its island that runs through the middle of the lake which you can cross. Not much else to say about the park but here is a bunch of photos!

After that I was contemplating on heading back to the hostel as I was still very tired from travelling but after looking at the map I saw how close i was to the Fukuoka Tower so I decided to make the extra walk just to see it! Some cool things spotted along the way also including one of the main baseball stadiums.

A absolutely amazing sight to see! Definitely worth the extra walk but now it was definitely time to call it a day and start the long walk back to the hostel!


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